Painting the interior of your home begins with a hard question. What colors should you use? Well, don’t worry. If you aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got several tips for you to ensure your interior colors are everything you need them to be.  

Pay Attention to Finishes 

Keep in mind that the proper finish can add additional energy to the color of your paint. This typically means you have to choose a “sheen” level, from high gloss to flat. What level will work best for your house? Typically, glossy paints reflect more light. However, they’re also more visible. Various rooms might benefit from various sheens. Also, you can pick a single sheen for your entire home.  

Don’t Pick a Lot of Colors 

Keep in mind that a lot of houses already have focal points such as furniture or floors to capture the eye. You can make your home feel extremely unpleasant, confused, and cluttered if you choose too many colors for your home. The eye will not know where to look. Thus, you should ideally stick to 2 or 3 colors in a certain room. 

Search for Simple Monochromatic Options 

Monochromatic color palettes mean you have to choose one color for the base. Then, you have to use various shades based on that color. You can choose a darker or lighter shade. This enables you to utilize lighter or darker colors in particular areas of your house while still ensuring that everything complements.  

Go Neutral 

For almost every indoor paint color, neutral colors are often better options. The reason for this is that there are always other materials to capture the attention inside your home. This includes murals, carefully selected furniture, wood floors, beautiful countertops, and much more. Neutral colors such as creamy shades, soft whites, and grays will improve these other features of your home without capturing too much attention. In addition to that, these colors look excellent with natural light.  

Utilize the Color Wheel 

A color wheel is a standard tool that you can use to show you what colors contrast and complement each other. It is an excellent way to ensure that you don’t pick colors that look excellent at the moment, but actually clash or bring out the worst in each other. Even interior painting Terre Haute Indiana professionals use the color wheel to avoid errors and find effective choices.  

Start with an Existing Piece 

One of the best methods to follow when choosing paint colors is looking for an old piece you really love. This is particularly true when it comes to interior palettes. This can be a section of beautiful natural wood, a bedspread, or a piece of art. Then, you can utilize this piece as a jumping point. What colors will bring out its best features? What colors will complement it? What colors will match it? By answering these questions, you now have a lot of shades to work with. You can also look for a piece of inspiration in magazines or online that you can utilize in the same way.